Keeping your car clean is about more than just giving the paintwork a buff every so often. An important part of regular maintenance and upkeep, being thorough on the inside as well as the outside can prolong the life of components and ensure everything is kept in good working order.

One area that a lot of people don’t think to clean are electrical parts. With suitable tools and the right approach, you can make sure electrical components like cables, wires and connections are clean, dry, and free from dirt and oil without causing any damage.

From the battery to the ignition, we’ll show you how to safely clean electrical parts in your car in our how-to guide.

Should You Clean Electrical Components in Your Car?

Dirt, grime, and dust can build up on electrical components and contact points, like the battery terminals, ignition, and spark plugs. Over time, this can interfere with electrical connections, leading to intermittent loss of power or engine performance. At worst, it could even cause a breakdown at the roadside.

Cleaning electrical components regularly reduces the risk of permanent damage and corrosion, safeguarding the performance of your car’s engine and systems. Of course, you can’t clean electrics with water, but there are products out there that can do the job safely – we’ll give you more information on this later in the guide.

What Are the Signs that Electrical Contacts Need Cleaning?

When dirt and corrosion cause electrical faults, it’s easy to mistake the symptoms for other problems under the bonnet. To help you spot the signs, here are a few things that might tell you when it’s time to clean the electrics:

A warning light on the dashboard

Electrical faults often cause warning lights to appear on the dashboard, even if there isn’t a problem with the component in question. If after checking your car you can’t find any obvious faults, take a look at the condition of wiring and contact points.

Intermittent engine performance

If your car’s alternator isn’t charging the battery as it should, you could experience poor engine performance including false starts, stalls, and a lack of power. Make sure your car’s battery connections are kept clean at all times to reduce the likelihood of electric-related engine problems.

Dim headlights or other electrical faults

Have you noticed a reduction in visibility when driving with your headlights on at night? Perhaps your electric windows seem a little slower than usual? The problem could be a dirty or corroded connection, so check your wiring to find out what’s causing the issue.

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