Spring is usually a good time to assess any sort of damage or wear your vehicle has gone through over the winter months. A big part of that spring time inspecting is going to be focused on your tires. If you were noticing less tread over the last few drives in colder weather, you might want to consider replacing your tires. If you have a front wheel drive vehicle, you might be interested in only replacing the front two tires, but experts show that’s not what’s best for you or your vehicle.

Front Wheel Drive Replacement

Front wheel drive clearly indicates an emphasis on the front two wheels. That being said, your back tires are burning tread as your vehicle gets used. There are a lot of reasons to keep an eye on the rear tire tread, even if you do drive a front wheel system.

Back Wheels Lose Tread in FWD Cars Too

There’s no such thing as a car that uses limited tread on the back tires. Sometimes, the back tires will last longer because the front wheels are doing the heavy lifting, but if you get your car’s tires inspected a year after new wheels, you’ll still see a toll is being taken. If your back tire tread is still reltatively high, and you’re on a budget, you can wait on the back tires. If the front and back tires are bald or nearing that level of low tread, you cannot ignore the fact that back tires are needed to drive safely as well.

Forgetting to Replace the Back Tires

Something you might run into if you do not replace all tires at once is a blatant forgetfulness of your back tires. Sure, the front wheel drive system is going to put most of the hard work on the front two wheels, but your back tires are still being used as well. If you forget about them as they continue to lose tread, they could be unfit for safe driving and get you in a tough situation.

Tread Measurements Matter

When your front and back tires are working at different treads, the amount of RPMs, or rotations per minute, will vary from front wheels to back. That could cause the power to the front wheels to be even more unevenly distributed, and further wear out the front tires faster than they should. That means you’ll end up needing to buy new tires anyway, so you might want to just replace all four now.

Need New Tires? Look no further!

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